Wednesday 5 October 2011

Eaton Park Picnic in the Trees

Taking inspiration from Georgie Manly's work, on Tuesday we had a picnic lunch under the trees in Eaton Park. 

It was really windy and essential to tape our lunch down so it was very handy that we had come prepared with plenty of tape. There were leaves blowing around too which we added to our collage along with words, drawings and scribbles in pen. 

When had we finished our lunch we wrapped our tablecloth around the trees so we could admire our work. It looked glorious against the huge trees mirroring the London Fieldworks' bird boxes. We thought about leaving it there so the birds could come down and eat the leftovers.

It must have seemed enormous to the two young boys that were helping us. One said "Look, look there's my cheese! It's so high up! My cheese is so high up!"

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