Friday 25 November 2011

Towering Trunk

This session we used a multitude of different sized boxes from good ole Mini-Scrapbox.
The challenge - to build the boxes up until they reached the ceiling, stacking, balancing and frantically securing and binding them with gum tape and sticky tape until no boxes were left!
We began stacking the boxes until they fell over which children really enjoyed. Then we started securing them together - the children relished the whole process of tearing the gum tape to stick to boxes.
Once the structure was too high for the children to add boxes the mothers worked together holding stacking (and balancing!) and sticking. Meanwhile the children were hiding soft toys and animals in box 'dens' throughout the 'trunk'.
They did not stop, everyone beavered away together right to the end of the session.
The resulting structure is very tree like and magnificent, so we agreed to keep it to add to and transform at the next session.